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Cloud-Based Services

NuBe offers extensive services that support cloud technology solutions for the enterprise. We will help you to Create a Cloud Strategy Roadmap, Build Your Own Cloud Solutions, Migrate Your Services to the Cloud, and Connect with on-premise and other cloud solutions.

Create a Cloud Strategy Roadmap

Unlike many traditional strategy engagements, our approach is pragmatic and tangible with prototypes to make the future state come to life and an actionable roadmap to make it easy to realize the vision. Whether you're trying to navigate the world of cloud solutions or have a clear idea of where you want to go, NuBe can help with these offerings:

Cloud Strategy Workshop

A concentrated workshop for your IT and business leaders to help build a shared understanding of cloud platforms, the cloud ecosystem, and to identify areas where the cloud can deliver the greatest impact.

Cloud Gap Analysis

An analysis of your company’s current cloud adoption. This will include analysis and case studies of companies in your industry. This analysis will help your team to pinpoint areas where cloud solutions can address critical business priorities, envision future state processes, and build a comprehensive cloud roadmap that spans functional silos.


A high level plan with timelines, resources and cost of integration. The goal of this plan is to power a specific area of your business with cloud solutions along with a working prototype that demonstrates the solution. These solutions could be in sales, operations, customer service, collaboration, HR, or IT.

Build Your Own Cloud Solutions

Traditionally, enterprises looking to automate a custom business process had to invest in an entire infrastructure and middleware stack, and then build a custom application that would require continuous maintenance. This model of software development was expensive and difficult to support.

Cloud platforms such as's, Google App Engine, Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon Web Services make it easy to build custom applications that are as scalable, flexible, and agile as the best software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

Our custom application development services include:

Cloud Powered Process Blueprint

Quickly build a detailed, concrete plan to power a specific area of your business with cloud solutions along with a working prototype that demonstrates the solution.

Custom Development

Meet the unique needs of your business with custom application development on Google App Engine, Apple mobile applications and custom integrations with leading collaboration platforms.

Cloud Integration

Integrate your cloud applications with each other as well as with your existing on-premise applications.

User Adoption

Ensure successful adoption of your custom applications across your business using a combination of traditional training, early adopter groups and social tools.

Cloud Management

Optimize and enhance your custom applications over time to ensure that your solutions evolve with your business.

Migrate Your Services to the Cloud

Google Apps for Business helps you and your team to stay as productive out of the office as you are in it. With the flexibility to work together on documents, share calendars, stay connected and sync files on any device, from any location, Google Apps for Business allows the office to be wherever you need it to be.

Our services include:

Collaboration Blueprint

Help your organization rethink how you work, share, and store information and files using modern social collaboration applications such as Google Apps and Google+. Blueprints can range from two-week “test drives” that can be used to plan collaboration strategy to longer efforts, resulting in a clearly defined enterprise collaboration strategy and implementation plan.

Google Apps Deployment

Help you configure, customize, and integrate Google Apps to maximize value within the context of your business. Includes project management and technical services, such as Google domain installation and setup, address book loading, LDAP/Active directory integration, and data migration.

User Adoption

Ensure successful adoption of Google Apps across your business using a combination of traditional training, early adopter groups, and social tools.

Google Apps Extensions and Integrations

Increase the impact of Google Apps within your business with custom application development on App Engine, mobile applications, packaged extensions, and integrations with leading cloud applications.

Cloud Management

Support and enhance your Google Apps over time to ensure that your solutions evolve with your business. Contact us for more information.

We offer both comprehensive solutions that encompass all of these elements for enterprise deployments, as well as more cost-effective deployments for smaller enterprises where individual service offerings can be purchased a la carte.

Connect with on-premise and other cloud solutions

As enterprises adopt more and more cloud based applications, there is an additional challenge of integrating SaaS applications with existing on-premise applications or other cloud applications.

NuBe Systems provides a comprehensive set of services to help enterprises integrate cloud and on-premise applications. Key elements include

Integration Assessment and Strategy

Services focused on assessing the current integration landscape, identifying future needs, and developing a future state integration architecture.

Integration Development

Deployment services for cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground integrations, including development of integration templates, error, and exception handling and integration testing.

Cloud Integration Management

Ongoing management of custom integrations, including enhancements, maintenance, and sustained engineering services as part of a monthly contract.