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What's In A Name?

The word ‘NuBe’ is the spanish word for ‘cloud’. NuBe Systems is primarily a provider of cloud-based solutions and services. With experience providing solutions on cloud and mobile platforms, we understand the various audiences we serve and the diverse technologies that are available to support the needs of today’s businesses.

How It All Began

Having had stellar careers as independent consultants, technologists and entrepreneurs, it was always the intention of the NuBe principals to join forces. Our shared vision of providing software solutions for businesses without the huge IT budgets, was the deciding factor for founding NuBe Systems.

The opportunity to finally prove the concept that world class software can be built without a huge budget presented itself when we decided to build a solution for a home healthcare agency that was owned and operated by one of the principals. The result was Boomers, a comprehensive suite of cloud-based and mobile solutions for the home health care provider. Boomer’s success convinced us that our formula of using our business knowledge, software development and technological experience is one that is attractive to many small and mid-sized businesses. Our utilization of cloud-based and mobile technologies enable us to develop custom solutions that are “right” for these businesses.

Our Philosophy

NuBe Systems is a software development company that prides itself in “Doing Software Right... Right technology, Right platform, Right for the client and Right for the business challenge".

With our custom applications, endorsed cloud solutions or as trusted cloud advisors, we ensure customers adopt the right cloud technologies for their organizations. We provide services to help customers successfully run their businesses in the cloud, manage their clouds by providing customized support and ongoing education, and enhance their use of the cloud through custom development and integration with other clouds and systems.

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